Friday, June 25, 2010

Why the Blog?

I've been thinking about blogging for a long time now. I have been reading blogs on a daily basis for a solid year.

And, on the privacy of my laptop where no one can see, I have been writing blog posts. I think about things and I want to process those things. So I write. and I show my writings to a couple of close friends. and maybe my sister and my mom. (who also happen to be close friends)

So I guess the first answer to Why the Blog? is that I would like a place to share. To share my thoughts, my heart, my struggles, and my questions. Maybe especially my questions. Because if there is anything I have learned in the past few years, it's that I don't have anything figured out.

That takes me to my second reason of Why the Blog? which is, I believe blogging will be a part of my journey. I am on a journey of dropping fear in pursuit of Love.

Starting this blog today is a step of dropping fear. Because the main reason I haven't started a blog until now is fear.

Fear of what people will think of my writing.
Fear of what people I know in real life will think of my public admittance of my faults.
Fear of what people will think of what I have to say.
Fear of looking, or sounding, stupid.
Fear of lack of interest.
Fear of failure.

So, although I am not somehow magically released from these fears by simply posting my first blog post, I am choosing to step out in a small act of courage and not allow fear to dictate my behavior.

And I'm Excited!

My goal on this blog is not to collect comments, or gain a high opinion from people, or be told how great I am. I actually don't expect that to happen at all!

Rather, my goal is to learn to share from a genuine heart, to share from a state of humility, and to process my pursuit of Love through the act of writing.

I'd Love to have you on the Journey!


  1. As your first follower, on your first blog, I must say that I am very excited to read more. Every word that you have written in your emails inspire me. Your writing is insightful, thoughtprovoking, and ministering. I am excited to hear what is on your mind and heart, not just as a sister, but as a woman wanting to learn from another woman who is sharing her heart, thoughts, and dreams. I'm looking forward to following your blogging journey Heidi! Luv your sis, amy joy

  2. Awww...thanks Amy :-) Thanks for your encouraging words and thanks for being my FIRST follower: YAY! ;-) (curious why it shows your name as Norina??)

  3. oh..haha...She's one of my favorite opera characters since highschool, and so my google account is an old account, so I just kept it : )

  4. Way to go Heidi! I am proud of you and your decision to declare war on fear and move into your Heavenly Father's incredible love for you! God always blesses acts of faith and you have just made yours public. I am excited to watch you as you set sail on your journey and believe that you will be blessed in numerous ways. I look forward to seeing how your thoughts, emotions, and will inform your writing. Be strong and very courageous as you allow yourself to be led by His Spirit into all truth and His paths that He has prepared for you to walk in.

  5. Here are some words on fear and faith to ponder as you began your ascent into the High Places:

    "Until a man has love, it is well he should have fear. So long as there are wild beasts about, it is better to be afraid than secure."

    — George MacDonald (What's Mine's Mine)

  6. awwww, thanks Dad. Your words mean a lot.

    Great quote...there's a lot of meat inthat little chunk to ponder!

  7. yay! glad you jumped in, heidi!

  8. Alece! wow, thanks so much :-)

    YOU are a huge part of the reason I finally decided to go for it...not only is the vulnerability with which you share on your blog so encouraging but that saying you have..."Do it afraid,"....well, I decided to do just that.