Sunday, February 20, 2011

Finishing Strong

I'm currently sitting at the curved, bamboo counter of the busy Starbucks on Main Street in Huntington Beach.

An empty cup, which ten minutes ago was filled with my tall-soy-chai-latte-with-no-foam, sits to my left.

To my right sits another individual fixated upon his laptop. He was just talking on his cell phone with someone in either Florida or Haiti...I couldn't pick up on the definitive details to determine which location it actually was. (Not that it was any of my business....)

I am writing a blog post right now but I should be writing a first-grade lesson plan. I am in the middle of my LAST college class and this week I am supposed to create a lesson plan to teach to 1st graders for the daily math and daily language. I'm looking forward to teaching the lesson and working with those adorable 1st graders that I've had chance to spend time with the last few Thursdays but I don't want to sit for an hour and type up all the formal explanations of what I will be doing in that half-hour of teaching.

I can hear my mom saying, "Dreading is worse than doing...."

I can hear my dad saying, "Finish Strong, Heidi! Finish strong!"

"You're right, Mom."

"I will, Dad."

Come on, Heidi. Just half a class left! Four more weeks of assignments and textbook readings and tests. Four more weeks of writing and proof-reading paragraphs and hitting the "submit" button to turn in my papers.

Four weeks to being DONE.

And just three months to walking across that field in cap and gown and receiving that slip of paper that documents my six-year pursuit of a college degree.

Three more months until I offically have a Bachelor of Science in Education.

I cannot wait.

Ok, I'm gonna get to writing that lesson plan now.

It's time to Finish Strong!

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  1. YES! You have worked so hard! I am so proud and happy for you : )