Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Used To.... Now I....

I recently found an awesome blogger, Mary Kathryn Tyson. I love the authenticity with which she writes and the humorous way she often approaches truth.

I loved this idea that she did on her blog and I thought I would do it here too!

I Used To.... . Now I....

I used to allow my fear of people's opinion to govern my actions. Now I choose to do what I want or what is best for me, despite my still-present fear of what people might think.

I used to trust anyone. Now I am more careful with who I believe.

I used to never question God's love for me. Now I struggle with understanding God's love.

I used to not be okay with not having the right answers. Now I realize that it's okay to not know everything and it's good to embrace the process of God maturing me.

I used to be a vocal performance, then music education, then music therapy major. Now I have one more class before I graduate with my B.S. in Education.

I used to not understand what it meant to lose someone. Now I do.

I used to not be able to relate to the depth of people's pain. Now I have more experiential grounds on which to relate.

I used to read blogs. Now I read AND write blogs.

I used to not be very good at saying "no". Now I am much better at setting good boundaries for myself.

I used to think God's rules were very black-and-white. Now I think there is a bit more color and mystery to His ways.

I used to strive to be perfect. Now I strive to be closer to the heart of God.

I used to rarely go to the movies. Now I often go to the movies. (Thank you, $2 and $3 theaters!)

I used to be legalistic. Now I am beginning to understand grace.

I used to think that my opinion was the correct opinion. Now I realize that I am often wrong.

I used to love ice cream. Now I STILL love ice cream!

What about YOU? Fill in the Blanks: I used to_____. Now I _____.


  1. I really like this idea!
    I used to worry about everything. Now I surrender everything to the Lord and worship him in the midst of my difficulties.
    I used to allow fear to dictate my decisions. Now I allow my faith in the Lord to dictate my decisions.
    I used to to think being a Christian was about following a bunch of rules. Now I know that being a Christian is aobut my relationship with Jesus Christ!
    I used to think Jesus could fit in a box. Now I see that I see that he cannot be contained; He is everywhere and in everything.
    I used to allow other people to define who I was. Now I allow the Lord to define who I am.

  2. Linked here from Everyday Adventures. Liked a commnet you made there.

    This is a great writing prompt. May use it. I often use a prompt to get me started. Sometimes it is something like, "Three things I learned from ..." The "from" can be another person, a trip I was on, class I took, etc. It opens up all kinds of possibilities.

    Good post. Good blog.