Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rest for Today

It's been an amazing year so far.

The past 12 days of 2013 have been full, stretching and exhilarating.
Friendships have grown.  Ministry has been developing.  Fellowship has blossomed.   Relationships have been poured into.  Work has been stimulating.  Marriage has been engaging and blessed.

But today?
I need some rest. 

But what does rest look like?  I think that depends on what part of your person-hood needs the rest.  Is it physical rest you need? Or is it emotional?  Spiritual?

For me, I often hit the point where I need rest in all three areas at once.  Usually when I've depleted one area, I rely on another area to sustain me - depleting that area as well.  Then, when I've exhausted all three, I admit to myself that it's time for some rest.
Some intentional, introverted, all-by-myself rest. 

So for me, today, rest looks like sleeping in until 10:00 am and laying in bed until the need for caffeine takes over.  Pouring myself a cup of coffee, sitting back in bed and surrounding myself with the items that help me process and rest spiritually and emotionally.

Sitting in bed surrounded by my new, super comfortable 50% off pillows, with the heater up and the window cracked open to let in fresh light and cool air.  (physical rest)

Journal and pen nearby.  Computer laying ahead of me.  Sometimes writing, sometimes just knowing it's near if I want to write to process more thoughts.  (emotional rest)

Bible lying next to me, open to one of the 4 books I am studying right now.  Lying available for me to read or to set back down as needed.  (spiritual rest)

This is what rest looks like for me today.

I'll get out of my pink pajamas and boot slippers eventually.  At some point the laundry will get put away and the vacuuming will be done.

But until I am physically, emotionally and spiritually filled again - I will rest. 

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  1. Betsy and me just read this together. Betsy has been in bed sick today. Now as we are sitting by the fire and she is reading her book, you gave us the perfect reminder that rest is so important sometimes!!