Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Three Months

For twelve Tuesdays in a row, a group of between 8-14 ladies gathered every week to study the book of Daniel. 

In my home. 

As we got to the end of our last gathering last night, ladies began thanking me for hosting it.

"Thank you!"-  I wanted to tell them -  "You don't know what joy it brought me!!"

For over 5 years, every since I've been married, it has been my desire to host Bible study in my home.  But with both my husband and I being a full time students, working full time, moving 3 times, and having almost continuous construction in our current home over the last few years, the timing just hadn't worked out. 

That is, until these past three months - a joyful three months!  Three months of Tuesday being my favorite night of the week. 

Three months of women sitting on couches given to me for free, talking around a table that was given to me for free, and watching Beth Moore teachings on a TV given to me for free.  And three months of women not caring how or where I got my furniture - but simply gathering on and around it to engage in fellowship.

Three months of women sitting on the floor because there wasn't enough spots on the couches and three months of washing their hands and putting their purses in a restroom that still has yet to be fully completed from our construction. 

Three months of women bringing snacks and sipping coffee and of sharing tears and laughs and prayer needs and three months of watching God answer those very prayers!  Three months of learning one another's hearts, and lives, and needs and learning to pray over those things for each other.

Three months of studying hard and of learning that scripture is not always about us but it is always for us!  Three months of learning that we are capable of understanding more than we think we are and of applying ourselves to be diligent to learn God's Word.

For three months these women came - despite the imperfections of the house, despite the imperfection of each other, and even despite the imperfections in themselves, they came and gave of themselves.  And they accepted each other.  Embraced each other.  Loved each other.

So to my Bible study ladies, my sisters, thank you!!

I feel like my house has now been christened!  Hosting Bible study has made my little house finally feel like home to me.  I feel like I belong more to my home now that it has been a place of gathering for us women to grow more in the knowledge of the Word and in unity with each other.
You have all been a part of bringing one of my biggest desires come to reality!
I love you all and am full of joy and thankfulness as I reflect on our three months together. 

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