Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rest Well, My Friend

My Friend, you are doing a good job. 

A good job.

Let me gently remind you of this.

It is good to rest.

It is purposeful and you are accomplishing much by resting.

I love you so much, my friend.  Your ambitious heart and your capable hands have accomplished much and accomplished it well.  You have brought much glory to the Lord through your obedience of action and through your ability to steward well in a short amount of time the gifts that He has entrusted you with. 

But your actions have never made Him love you more.

And your abilities have never given you more worth.

You know this, my friend.  You know that all your worth is found in your identity in Him.  You yourself have encouraged me well in this. 

Allow yourself the space you need.  Take the time to just sit - to feel.  He has called you to rest - you glorify Him by obeying Him.  He is your Heavenly Father - He cares for you.  He knows intimately the details of the season before this time of rest.  And He knows how He is preparing you for what lies after this time of intentional stillness. 

And yes, my friend, it is intentional.  There is much purpose in it.  I know how much you like to feel purposed and accomplished.  Remember that God has called you to this season intentionally.  You know some of the reasons.  Some of the reasons are a mystery that God is working out. 

Take the pressure off yourself.  Let your commitments change as needed.  Let your standards change as needed.  Ask yourself, "What is the highest priority between me and God right now?"

And if that priority is sitting by the fire, journal by your side and pen in your hand, and thinking and dreaming of the thoughts in your heart right now - then with full intention - take the time to do that.

Rest my Friend,
and Rest Well.  

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