Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Contentment. Awwwww…….

After a long evening of cooking, I am settled in on my couch, letting my hair drip dry from my shower over the edge of the cushions.

My body is tired but not exhausted.

My brain is alert but calm and quiet.

My heart is content and satisfied.

There were lots of things on my roster for what I wanted to accomplish today after work. Lots of those things didn’t get done. (i.e. progress on painting my walls, vacuuming, folding the basket of clean laundry, cleaning my patio and watering all my plants)

But there were lots of things that DID get done. I just didn’t realize how long it would take to do them.

But do you know what I am excited about???

I am excited that I am not stressed out about what I didn’t do and that I am more excited about what I DID do! THAT is an accomplishment for me. Like I wrote about here, I am really learning to slow down and embrace each day, even if the day has a ton packed into it!

I want my heart to be content and my spirit to be calm, even if my pace of life does not slow down.

So, partly because I want to prove that I actually did something tonight and more because I am just really excited about a bunch of new recipes I am learning and my new focus on cooking in my life, I have decided to show you pictures. (taken with my iPhone of course!)

Above is the remainder of my Homeade Chicken Stock. Some stock was used to prepare the Cream of Mushroom Soup.

Above is Homeade Cream of Mushroom Soup. Made with the chicken stock and homeade cream cheese!

Above is a full jar of fresh chicken salad and then a bowl of remaining chicken waiting to be used in another recipe.

I also hardboiled a bunch of eggs for an easy snack, sliced up some cantaloup, and made a quinoa salad with some yummy fresh ingredients.

I'm having so much fun learning to cook in a new and healthy and old-fashioned way. I am sure sometime in the near future I will introduce you to my new cookbook that I got at my friends house over the past weekend, and I am sure I will write about all that I am learning about our American food products. But for now, I have much to learn and I am simply excited to share the photo's of my process :-)

What about you? Is there anything that your heart is finding contentment in?


  1. sounds yummy Heidi! I didn't know you could make cream cheese! I bet your home made cream of mushroom soup is delicious! You DID get a lot accomplished! And that was all AFTER working! Whew! I'm getting tired just thinking about it!
    : )
    Happy Cooking!
    Cousin Shelli

  2. So happy you Love to cook... and Heathy even better. Really,Homemade cottage cheese ?? Now thats sounds Great.
    Is'nt canning fun? You can save los off $,but time is another thing. But I say its so worth it and Im right with ya about cooking .... Gods work is to be enjoyed Hiedi. Blessings from the Heart of Cooking, It brings Great Joy and a Labor of Love for everyone to enjoy :)
    Like it speeks about in John 6.... Love is like having five loaves and two fish. Its never enough until it's given away.....
    Bon Appetit :)

  3. I am finding contentment in how the Lord always has something for me to engage. He has never failed to have something for me. And as a man, that's huge! A lot of guys won't admit this using these words, but one of the biggest desires of a man is adventure. Everything that Almighty God has given me so far has been a part of a journey. Ups and downs, I haven't gotten bored yet. I am confident in my God that my life will be filled with a unique purpose in serving Him. I am content knowing that I can seek real manhood from the One who made me. And of course, when all is done for me, the real adventure has yet to begin. =)