Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy First Day of Autumn!

I thought yesterday was the start of autumn, but then I googled it this morning and discovered that for the United States, the start of the autumn season is TODAY!
Fun fact for ya: For Europe, the start of Autumn is tomorrow, September 23rd (at least for this year.)

I am taking so much delight in the fact that this year the start of autumn actually feels like autumn - even right here in Orange County, CA!

Gray skies, mysterious clouds, crisp air, a perfect fall breeze.....

It Is Wonderful.

The season of autumn brings much to look forward to. In my family, we have traditions for pretty much every type of event year-round. However, the fall season holds the majority of our favorite traditions.

I'm looking forward to pumpkin pie, nights around the fireplace at my parents house with the whole family, coffee and creamer, pumpkin patches, family dinners, lots of picture taking and more.

I'm also looking forward to the experimentation and creation of my own traditions as well. I plan on trying a few new seasonal recipes and maybe discovering some new candle scents. I'm going to buy some autumn tea flavors and I might even attempt some autumn decorating of my house this year.

The turning of a season.

The expectation of the future.

The contentment of today.

What about YOU? What are some of the ways you make the autumn season special? What are some traditions you look forward to year after year?

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  1. HARVEST YOUR BLESSINGS....Is the sweet memories I have from Our Home. There is a Time and Season for Everything says the Lord!!
    I am greatfull for it !!! Thank you Lord for the sweet apple cider I made with Caleb yesterday, and yummy applesauce that smelled so yummy with cinnamin in our kitchen. Thank-you also,for The Bail of Hay from Norco feed store,our left over corn stalks from our garden, welcomeing scarecrow we designed on our front porch with Melissa's old cowgirl boots,dads old plad shirts and moms overalls and handmade faces made of felt that have warm smiles and cute straw hats.That was truely fun work!!!
    We have fun decorateing streams of fall leaves over our front artchway and celebrateing Falls marvilous colors !! God is so Good to us to give us such wonderful Seasons of Life...Dont ya think ? Now I cant wait to sip on some of that good old Good Earth tea with a slice of delicious bannana bread....Yum :)
    HAPPY HARVEST ...Pumpkin :)