Friday, September 3, 2010


How attached to technology are you?

I know I am VERY attached. My mind is constantly aware of where my phone is. My fingers are constantly pressing the text message icon on my phone. I am constantly wondering if I have a recent email or if anyone has updated their status on facebook.

Thanks to my iPhone, I can have instant access to satisfying my desire to KNOW.

Touch the little Facebook icon and BAM! I can follow the lives of all my family and friends.

Touch the little text message icon and BAM! I can see if I got any new messages that I wasn’t aware of when I walked away from my desk 5 minutes ago.

Touch the little email icon and BAM! I can see if I got a new email.

And if any of these features take more than 15 seconds to upload, I start getting a little frustrated.

Hello??? Don’t you know I want to see NOW???

Instant gratification. That is the mindset of the culture we live in.

I try to stay away from the mindset of instant gratification but I get sucked in so easily. It is very easy for me to adapt to technology that gives me answers faster and faster but it is much harder to adapt when, for some reason, I can’t get those answers right away.


I was having some quiet time with the Lord after work. I was in our spare bedroom, where the sunlight wasn’t blaring in brightly, and just enjoying stilling my heart before Him. By habit, my hands reached for the cell phone laying at my side I checked my email. I sent a text message. I answered the text that I received in return.

Ok….time to get back to my quiet time. I lay on the futon for a few minutes, eyes closed, praying. When I opened my eyes to read the Word, I saw it. My cell phone was still next to me in the same spot I left it. I reached for it AGAIN! What can I do now that I haven’t done 5 minutes ago???

I picked it up but realized [thankfully] that it was NOT necessary to unlock the screen. I laid it under the futon and enjoyed the rest of my quiet time distraction free. Out of sight, [sorta]out of mind.

I don’t want to technology to control me. I don’t want it to control my actions. I don’t want it to consume my thoughts.

What do you think about technology and it’s addictive powers?

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  1. I can relate! I was just thinking about getting a new cell phone and pay extra so that I could access the internet from it. Is that really necessary for me? I say I want it so that I can stay connected to other people, but I really don't know if that's the reason.