Thursday, August 5, 2010

Doing the Same Things. Differently.

Before this week started, Adam and I had a fun using the weekend to celebrate our anniversary.

In two days, we did all the same things we love to do including:


Laguna Beach.




But this time, we did these things differently.

We didn't mean to throw a twist on our plans, but it just seemed to be the flavor of the weekend.

As we were headed towards the water for our romantic walk along the coast, the Laguna Beach Trolley pulled up right next to us and we thought, "Hey, why not?"

So we hopped on! We headed down the south side of PCH, enjoying the trolley ride, observing people, pointing out different things that we hadn't before observed. The ride back up the coast was especially fun as loads more people hopped on the trolley after a-few-too-many drinks and all crowded in together. Interesting people watching for sure.

The next day at Disneyland started normally. Space Mountain. Matterhorn.
But then, I got an itch to explore. And, as a annual passholder, I could explore without guilt of not doing all the normal stuff! I had never been on the Mark Twain Steamboat, so we road it. It had been years since I had been on the island, so we rode the ferry over and explored the caves and crossed the bridges. It was so fun to see such a familiar place in a whole new light.

Then we went out to dinner. We had received an anniversary card. And, instead of a gift certificate to a specific place, it contained money. So, we had our complete choice of where we wanted to eat. Normally, on an occasion such as an anniversary, I would choose a place along the lines of Macaroni Grill, Cheesecake Factory, or El Torrito Grill. But, to fit the flavor of our weekend, we went for the full-of-fun option and went to Red Robin! So much fun.

We ended the weekend enjoying ice cream and cake while watching the movie Pilgrim's Progress.

What made the weekend perfect was not about how fancy the celebrations were, or how many activities we were able to fit in, or about the plans that changed as we went along. It was about being together. Listening to each other's desires and going along with it. Paying attention to what was making the other person happy.

It was perfect :-)

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