Thursday, August 12, 2010

Learning to Sit Back.

I'm learning to sit back; just to sit back and let someone else do the work.

More specifically, I am learning to let Him do the work.

Him being my Redeemer, My Lord, My Lover, My Father, My Provider, My Deliverer.

Yes, that would be Jesus.

I am learning to let Jesus have His timing with my heart. When I try to conjure up change, it doesn't stick. When I try to conjure up an emotional spiritual experience, it falls flat at the end. When I try and try and try, I just seem to get tired.

But right now, I know He is working in my heart. And this time, rather than asking and asking Him what He is doing, or rather than taking the tools out of His hands and trying to finish the job myself, I am going to try to just sit back and notice.

Notice the changes He is making.

Notice the state of my heart.

Notice what jumps out at me as I read His Word.

I want the work that is being done in me to be done by my Lord and not by my flesh. So, instead of thinking of all these ways that I can draw closer to God, I think I am just going to make myself more and more available to following His leading. Making time to be in the Word, yes. Spending time in prayer, yes. But doing these things out of love and not out of a striving heart.

I think I will just, "Be still, and know that HE is God."

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  1. Wow, you are so right .... Being still, is the best place to be with Jesus when your not sure what to do next. Doing the same thing Hiedi, holding on to the coat tails of Jesus. Thank you for shareing your precious heart. Is'nt He good? Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ !!!! Pshalm 105:4