Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Three Years!!!

Today, I have been married three years!

Three years ago, I was getting my make-up done by my mom, having my mom's best friend do my hair and all my sister's hair, and I almost didn't get to my wedding on time! It had something to do with a car breaking down with my best friend, most of the bridesmaids (my sisters) and the bride (me) in the car. That fiasco included nice men at the gas station helping us fix my friends car while my husband-to-be raced down the freeway 40 miles away to save me from the "evil" man with the chocolate milk. (who my friend and I still think was an angel in disguise.)

Point is, I made it (although a little late) to the little, old-fashioned church in Orange, Ca.

There is so much to say about that wonderful morning three years ago. It would take more than quite-a-few posts to fully describe all that I experienced and remember from that day.

But here are a few things I am thinking about today:

The feeling I had when I heard the music start to play for me to walk down the isle. That feeling was SO incredible and quite too impossible to describe. During my walk down the isle, it felt like time literally slowed down for me so that I could absorb every face, every emotion, every tear, every smile, and every flutter inside my heart. It. Was. Wonderful.

Walking out of the church with my new husband and realizing we had absolutely no clue what to do next. We hadn't rehearsed that part! So we just stood there watching everyone come out of the church until we were wisked away to go sign our marriage license.

Dancing with my dad. I had always looked forward to that and it was so special.
Watching Adam dance with his mom and realizing "that man is my HUSBAND!"
And, of course, dancing with Adam, as his wife.

Leaving our reception, and being so hungry that we pulled through the Burger King drive through down the street still dressed in the tux and wedding dress. Too bad we didn't realize that there was SO much delicious chicken left over at the reception.

Being stuck in traffic on our way to San Diego and getting TONS of honks because of our Just Married flags.

Getting to our hotel in San Diego and......enjoying ourselves. ;-) Room service was AWESOME! My honeymoon is where I learned to love eggs benedict and where I first got to enjoy Adam's awesome jet-ski skills.

Yay for Marriage!

What, if you are married, are some of your favorite memories from your wedding day? Or, if you aren't married, what are you looking forward to the most?


  1. Happy Anniversary Heidi!! I hope you guys celebrated wildly!! :) I remember my wedding day just about everyday! I can't forget it, it was so perfect! The best part for me was having all of my friends there the week before... it was not just a day-but it was a few days of celebration! It was beautiful!!

  2. Well obviously I'm not married... Yet! But I can say that one of my favorit memories was watching you come down the aisle as your maid of honor.... I was crying up a storm!!! You were and are gorgeous : ) and I think that is what I am most excited for on my wedding day: seeing my husbands face as I walk down the aisle and seeing that person down the aisle that I have been praying for since I was 8 and started playing princess. Congrats on 3 years and god bless your years to come. Love you beautiful sister bride.

  3. That is the most beuatiful memory.... Your Wedding Day...
    I remember riseing early that mourning (on your special Day) wanting every detail to be perfect as if Jesus himself were comeing to wisk us away.... I had the priveledge to simply pray , asking the Lord to give me His words and calmness to bring joy and easyness to the morning, as we were all running a bit behind schedule.Doing all your hair... gorgeous and long , was such a priveledge and honor for me. Rupunzal (I remember... How I Love thee) Your hair is so lovely... it is a gift God gave the Choate girls!! :)What a fun event, memory and certainly a time of trusting our Lord. As the time that morning seemed to have slipped to seconds as I rushed about displaying the kitchen with breakfast goodies and organizeing the space to have my patrons sit comfortably in their hair salon chair, in my make shift guest room, with bobbypins , ribbon and babybreath flowers at hand.Oh how I rememeber the anxcious feeling I had when you and your best friend came rushing in....Excited , yet concerned about the time we had to throw together everything so fast! Wow time was slipping , God had to perform a miricle as I knew we had to be off shortly to be on time. HE WAS AND IS MY EVERYTHING!!! Jesus was my hands and feet that day..:) Thankyou Lord!!!
    My wedding Day was just as exciteing as I had an OUTDOOR wedding that ended up inside because of the rain. Although , I was so excited to be with the man I loved STEPHEN DOUGLAS CHRISTESEN,(no bother) it truely felt as though God was celebrateing His tears of Joy. I did'nt get discouraged , I simply remember being blessed with a lovly reception out side with a rainbow of Love covering the sky and my heart full of JOY!!! Such wonderful memories for me. Thanks Hiedi for letting me share!

  4. Ahhhhh memories ; ) I will never forget that morning... I'm so glad we can laugh about that adventure! Best and most adventurous wedding day I've heard of so far!!! Congrats on three years, here's to many many many more, til death do you part! <3 Chels