Monday, July 19, 2010

Daddy's Girl

My husband and I were talking with a leader at our church today (yesterday, as you read this) after service and following at the edge of the leader’s heels was an adorable three-year-old daughter.

The whole time we were talking with him, I kept observing his daughter - all her cute antics, the way she would express her desires, and the fascination she had with the ants on the sidewalk. But what I observed the most was the way she trusted her daddy.

I first started paying more attention to her communication with her dad when I heard her call out for help on a cement stair step. “My daddy! My daddy!” she yelled. “That is so cute,” I thought.

My daddy, she said. Her daddy. She knew that HER daddy would come. That HER daddy would help her. That HER daddy would be there for her. She trusted HER daddy.

This little girl watched her daddy. She looked to see where he was when she would walk more than a few feet away. Can I still see my daddy? She called his name to get him to just give her a smile. Does my daddy notice me? She kept looking up at her daddy while he was praying and then kept closing her eyes again to do it like him. (Yes, I was peeking.)

And then, as she got tired, right there on the ant-trodden, dusty cement, she laid down at her daddy’s feet and used his tennis-shoe-covered-feet as a pillow.

I want to be like this little girl with my Abba Father, my Heavenly Daddy.

I want to call Him, My Daddy. I want to know that MY Daddy will come to me, and help me, and be there for me. I want to trust my Abba - MY Daddy.

I want to watch my daddy. I want to always make sure He can see me, I want to call on Him name often and know that He hears me, and I want to do what my Daddy does.

And when I’m tired and weary, I just want to curl up and lay at my Daddy’s feet, despite whatever is going on around me, and know that I am safe - because Abba Father is MY daddy.

Are you glad for a Heavenly Daddy in which you can place all your trust?

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  1. YES .... I am so Thankful to be the daughter of The King, The Lord of Lords, my Abba Father , my Daddy, councelor , all knowing Loveing God !!! He is my way , trueth and Life. How very fortunate that He has brought me up in this hard nock life.He is always there for me morning , noon and night. Cant ever say I have ever been left alone truely ... He is always there to capture my Joy,give me a kiss, and wipe away my tears. He comforts me when Im scared, directs me when Im uncertain and Loves me through and through. Thank you Lord!! your ways are not my ways always, but I can say Your Way is always the Best !!!
    Love From Above