Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just What I Needed.

Blame it on my poor night sleep, or my lack of a nutritious breakfast, or a slow day at work that left me with extra time on my hands. Blame it on what you will, but I was unsettled today.

Unpurposed and anxious. Restless and unfocused.

A short workout lifting weights over my lunch break helped my mind a little, but it also left me hungry for food that I hadn’t adequately packed. Therefore, a small Taco Bell trip consumed my afternoon break. However, the consumption of the fast food left me weighed down and further contributed to my unsettledness. Vicious cycle.

I was relieved when 3:30 hit the clock. I was anxious to get home and get some stuff done.

Still, I didn’t know how to give myself direction and motivation to accomplish the multitude of tasks that awaited me at home. I just simply wanted to GET home.

And when I got home and opened the door, before I could even set my bags down, a handsome man wearing a bold, blue shirt and tie that made his eyes sparkle, bounded up the stairs from his office and wrapped me in a welcome home hug and told me I was beautiful.

*Happy and contented sigh……*

The unsettled anxiety began to wash away. I was more than just home. I was where I belonged; where I was wanted.

Throughout the night, fulfillment began to infuse me.

~A 45-minute couch conversation with my husband about each others dreams, goals, and plans.
~A long, quiet hot shower with every smidgen of makeup from the day removed.
~A quiet time with the Lord asking Him to still my heart.
~The separation of dirty laundry and the whirring of the washing machine.
~A goodbye kiss to my husband wishing him good luck on his softball game.
~Giving myself grace for a couple unhealthy choices today and getting back on track tonight with healthy choices instead of waiting until tomorrow.


Restoring order.

Soft jazz music.



These are just the things I needed.

I am glad to have learned from today. And I am glad for the opportunity to go try again tomorrow.

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