Monday, July 12, 2010

Letting Fruit Ripen.

I had the opportunity to go to a Beth Moore conference this weekend with my mom and it. was. phenomenal.

Because of the conference, I did a lot of heavy thinking this weekend.

Processing. Listening. Soaking in and Writing out.

Through the experience, I observed many things, I was broken in a few different ways, I was spoken to in many areas through all the teaching, and my heart delighted in worship.

I could pick from a multitude of points that I learned this weekend to blog about. There are plenty of things of substance swirling around in my head that I could share.

But those thoughts are ripe yet.

Have you ever been so impacted by something and so excited about something you have learned and then immediately gone to share it with someone only to have it fall flat when you speak it out? I know I have done that and I hate the feeling that comes with it. When that happens, it is like those fresh and precious revelations immediately become old and faded when just the few moments before I shared them, they were brand new.

The seeds of some beautiful works of God have been planted in my heart this past weekend. Already, I can see some of the fruit starting to show the flowering buds. But that fruit needs sufficient time to grow until it is ready to be picked. It needs time to be watered by the Word, spend some time in the Son, and pull and receive nutrients from the roots of understanding.

So, while this fruit grows, I am going to follow the example of Mary in Luke 2:19 and ...."treasure up all these words, and ponder in [my] heart what they might mean."

What about YOU? Has God been planting any seeds in your heart lately? Can you feel as those seeds are growing into riper fruit? What stage of growth do you think your seeds are at?


  1. I absolutely relate, Heidi! As I emailed you yesterday that I got up at 4AM so excited to spend more time with the Lord I was so full I almost burst and was dying to share it all. Interestingly, what God laid upon my heart was how Mary, the mother of Jesus, with all the exciting revelation spoken to her by an angel that she is going to give birth to the Messiah, she "pondered these things in her heart".... Wow! I thought "What self control! I need to do that more!" Then I reflected back to a blog of yours last week... A Time for Everything... and here I am on Monday morning still pondering....

  2. That's so cool that we got the same verse...."to ponder these things in our heart"

    I had a lovely time with you! :-)

  3. I think that most things that are really impacting (by impacting I mean change-causing) will take time to develop. It is like a seed planted in the ground that will yeild fruit from the tree that grows over time.

  4. Oh Hiedi,
    God is so good !!I see that being saturated in Jesus ( being cared for and nurtured like a delicate seed in good compost soil, that with time and attention: grows in richness , beuaty and strenght), Love bears all fruit!!The verse that comes to mind is one of my most favorites John 15:5. HAVE A BLESSED DAY!!LOVE FROM ABOVE....

  5. I can definately relate Heidi! I remember when I got back from Afica, God had taught me sooo many awesome things that I had to process before I could communicate them to anyone. I think that any real lasting revelations take time to sink in and grow. Blessings with that my sister!

  6. Adam, Michelle, and Jenn,
    I couldn't agree with all three of you more!

    Jenn, I remember watching Adam process all the lessons that took a while to sink in from Africa...I'm sure it was very similar for you. What an amazing, and long-lasting, impact that has been for both of you!